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velonotte roma logo nikitinVelonotte (from Italian bike+night) concept was created by Sergey Nikitin in Moscow in 2007 to discover, valorize and promote urbanistics & landscape, inspire citizens and desicion makers about history and genius loci.

Our team is composed of historian Prof. Marina Avdonina, associate producer is Maria Nikitina; tecnic director is George Zavyalov, Dr of Science and incredible traveller. Volunteer coordinator - Dasha Maslova. Spirit advisor is Victoria Aristova. Our design board is led by Valentin Dyakonov, and we love a lot drawings by Dasha Serebryakova (watch out for her London Velonotte 2012 comic map). Sound engineer and audio designer is Dmitry Talashov (Soundmark studios). Original soundtracks are produced by Sweet Underground DJs. Sergey Nikitin is directing the whole of the show.

​* * *

Velonotte™ is an annual non-profit event that presents secret places, key monuments and hidden lanscapes to hundreds and thousands of people. After Velonotte Roma (2010), two editions of Velonotte Pietrogrado in St. Petersburg, Velonight New York (2011), Terni Veloday and L’Olimpica in London, Magic shores of Istanbul(No.13), London’s West End (No.14), Botanic Rome (No.15), Scientific life of Kazan (No.16) and Pushkin Moscow (No.17) we are actually heading for music history of Vienna in spring/summer 2015.

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